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George William Kightly

George William Kightly :

George William Kightly : British War Medal

British War Medal

George was born between April and June 1897 in Salford, Lancashire. His father was called William and his mother was Evelyn Maud. George was their eldest child; he had a younger sister called Elizabeth Agnes.

William worked at a letterpress printing firm. This work involved typesetting pages using metal letters and then printing this image onto paper. This was how most newspapers, books and magazines were printed at the time. He raised his family at 13 Mellor Road in Rusholme, Manchester.

The First World War broke out in August 1914 and George joined the Army in around mid 1917. He joined the Manchester Regiment and was given the service number 52278. We don't know whether he volunteered for service or was conscripted. Under conscription it was not unusual for soldiers to be assigned to units with no connection to their local area, although this didn't happen to George.

We don't know which battalion of the Manchester Regiment George was assigned to; this means we don't know anything about where he served. We don't believe he ever left the regiment, and he survived the war.

After he was demobilised from the Army in 1918 or 1919 George returned to Manchester. We don't know what work he took up. Between October and December 1926 he married Johanna Meaney. We don't believe they had any children.

By the mid 1940s George and Johanna had left Manchester. They lived at 13 Lodge Villas in Woodford Green, Essex by early 1947. George died there on the 7th February. He was 49 years old.

George's medal was donated to the Museum of the Manchester Regiment in August 1997. As well as his British War Medal, George was also awarded the Allied Victory Medal for his Army service.

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