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Frank Marshall

Frank Marshall :

Frank Marshall : British War Medal

British War Medal

Frank was born in 1885 in Yorkshire and lived in Todmorden with his father William and mother Ann. They lived at 7 Omega Street, Langfield and had 6 children - Gertrude, Wilfred, Herbert, Frank, Clara and Edgar. Frank worked as a draughtsman before the First World War.

It is not known when exactly Frank joined the Army. He was placed into the 24th (Service) Battalion of the Manchester Regiment, also known as the Oldham Pioneers. As a pioneer unit, they has a specialised role in building and fortifying trenches and other defensive structures, as well as preparing the ground for infantry assaults.

The 24th Battalion landed in France in November 1915. At some point Frank was promoted to Captain. He was killed on the 17th March 1916. He was 31 years old. He is buried at Meaulte Military Cemetery in France.

His medal was donated to the museum collections in 2015.

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